‘Islam is our enemy:’ and other Muslim misconceptions

According to a 2012 Pew Research Study, a majority of the world’s Muslims live in the Asia-Pacific region. The Middle East makes up only 19.8 percent of the world’s total Muslim population.

Fawaz Almutairi, political science senior who moved from Kuwait in 2008, was leaving a Louisville sports bar after a night out with friends when a man shouted at him from across the road, “F**k off, you Muslim!”

This wasn’t the first time Almutairi, a former Muslim, had been judged for his Middle Eastern heritage…

Other “myths” busted at this university student paper site piece:

Myth: Most Muslims are from the Middle East: We already know this is not true but who cares? The Rotherham rape gangs were mostly Pakistani. Muslims are Muslims even, perhaps especially, when they are crackpot reverts.

Myth: Islam Encourages terrorism: Yep, he brings up the Westboro Baptists (who are obnoxious but not terrorists). See also this post showing data from “IHS Jane’s 2013 Global Terrorism & Insurgency Attack Index”: The top ten armed non-state groups for 2013 – six are Muslim, three are communist and other is FARC, the drug people in Colombia. I don’t see any religion besides Islam there.

Myth: Islam Oppresses Women: He says many women in 99% Muslim Turkey wear headscarves even though the government actively discourages it. I guess he does not read the international news: Erdogan’s government is very Islamist and just passed a law permitting the headscarf in schools starting at the age of 10.  Erdogan’s wife is always pictured wearing one.

Myth: Muslims want a violent jihad against America: He quotes a Muslim saying “What jihad means for most Muslims is a struggle to live life according to the faith–it’s an internal struggle with the weaker self.”  Every cliché in the book.

Although I doubt most Muslims want a violent jihad with America, I do think a substantial percentage want to win the demographic jihad (and they are, sadly).

Myth: Things will Never Change: It is possible that things will change but I see no signs of it at the moment. All indicators are negative.

At least he does not quote Loonwatch, like this woman.

Raise the voting age to 25.