Erdogan demands Biden apology, or ‘he is history for me’

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday demanded an apology from US Vice President Joe Biden and warned he would become “history for me” over comments in which he said the Turkish leader had admitted that Turkey had made mistakes by allowing foreign fighters to cross into Syria.

Erdogan denied ever saying that and told reporters in Istanbul that Biden “will be history for me if he has indeed used such expressions.”

Responding to questions following his speech at the Harvard Kennedy School on Thursday, Biden described Erdogan as “an old friend.” Biden added: “He (Erdogan) said: ‘You were right. We let too many people through.’ Now they’re trying to seal their border.”

Erdogan said: “I have never said to him that we had made a mistake, never. If he did say this at Harvard then he has to apologize to us.”

“Foreign fighters have never entered Syria from our country. They may come to our country as tourists and cross into Syria, but no one can say that they cross in with their arms,” Erdogan said…

See earlier post on Biden’s remarks — that I thought at the time were likely to provoke such a response. Biden is an idiot — just like the rest of this administration.

Not that I doubt that Erdogan did let fighters in.