Canadians throw support behind airstrikes as Harper unveils combat role in Iraq

There are also questions with regard to how effective airstrikes will be at destroying ISIS.

“If we’re going to contribute to a strategy that’s bound to fail because it can’t be successful in eliminating ISIS, but we’re maintaining our alliance with our most important partner — that is the United States of America — then fighters, yes,” Retired major general Lewis MacKenzie told CBC’s Evan Solomon on Tuesday, deriding the low number of allied combat troops on the ground.

“There were like 250 missions over the last week over Iraq and maybe 60 over Syria. There were six to seven hundred a day during the Serbia-Kosovo conflict. So that number of sorties without people on the ground vectoring them into their targets, selecting targets and then monitoring target damage and securing the ground, they’re going to make a contribution, yes but we’re missing one of the rungs on the stool.”