Arizona teacher fired for defending 9-year-old against racist bullies who called him N-word, ‘crackhead’: family

unnamed-14Pam Aister lost her job as an elementary school teacher after she stuck up for one of her fourth-grade students who was being bullied.

An Arizona teacher was canned for defending a fourth-grade boy from bullies who called him the N-word, “monkey” and “crackhead” after one bully’s mother complained, the tormented boy’s family and other community members say.

Pam Aister, a 25-year teaching veteran, was booted from her classroom at Four Peaks Elementary School near Phoenix after administrators said she was too harsh on a group of boys who’d been picking on 9-year-old Malachi Gillis.

The Gillises told local CBS5 the abuse was so bad they had to move Malachi to a different school…

School administrators said a mother of one the alleged bullies complained.

Aister was accused of threatening the boys, telling them to “shut up” and belittling one over his “ugly face,” according to one report…

If she was fired, there must be two sides to the story.