Why did Aussie actor resort to ‘bottomphobia’ when celebrating a football win?

Rob Mills, an Australian actor currently starring in a production of Grease, last week celebrated the Australian Football League championship victory of the Hawthorn Hawks over the Sydney Swans by posting the photo below* on social media.

When people called him homophobic for the tweet, he quickly recanted:

Didn’t think about the homophobic implications? Listen, I’m not sure posting a photo of two “men” having sex is particularly homophobic. In this case however the message was clear: A man who’s a “loser” and “weaker” is one who gets sodomized by another. “Bottoms,” as we call them in the gay community, are somehow less than the big, masculine men who are the “tops.”

It goes a lot further than homophobia – The whole dynamic is rooted in sexism. If you’re a woman or a “bottom” – anyone who gets penetrated sexually by a man – then you’re weaker and less worthy. It’s insane and rooted in the tiresome idea that women themselves are “less than” men…

* * *

The list of phobias grows ever longer! I couldn’t resist posting on a new one.

*You can see the photo at the link (it is just Lego men).