Terrorist volunteer recruited by British Isil agent was ‘death metal’ rock singer

A young man arrested in Dhaka as an Islamic State (Isil) volunteer to fight in Syria was a serious rock singer and guitarist with a recording contract with a British music company.

Asif Adnan, 26, was arrested in Bangladesh after he and another man were recruited by Samiun Rahman, a 24-year-old London minicab controller, to travel to Syria to join Isil militants, police said this week.

All three men are now in custody on terror charges and face life sentences if they are convicted. According to police, Samiun Rahman had turned to militant Islam just over two years ago after he was arrested by police in London for being drunk. He sought an Arabic teacher to help him learn the Quran in the Middle East, before travelling Syria and then, earlier this year, arrived in Dhaka to recruit new fighters to join Isil’s campaign.

Rock out man… I believe this is his band Jahiliyyah