Muslim in P.E.I. jail says he is not getting food he can eat


A Muslim man from Ontario who was recently arrested on drug charges says the provincial jail isn’t providing him with food his religion allows him to eat.

Charlottetown police arrested George Albert Williams on Sept. 28 after they allegedly found about $60,000 worth of drugs and cash in his vehicle.

On Thursday, Williams told provincial court Chief Judge John Douglas he has only eaten a sandwich, a banana and a salad since then because the jail doesn’t have halal food.

Williams’s hands and feet were shackled during his brief court appearance in Charlottetown where his case was adjourned until Oct. 9.

Although he didn’t enter a plea on the six charges he is facing, Williams asked to address the court before sheriffs escorted him back to a holding cell.

Williams told Douglas he is on a strict halal diet and the Provincial Correctional Centre wasn’t prepared to deal with Muslims…

Poor baby. Try not committing crimes if you are so concerned about halal food.