Company sells Native American headdress, says it’s not racist in the worst way possible

A racist Halloween item

A racist Halloween item

Tis the season to dress up like Pocahontas! Sigh.

With Halloween approaching, people are searching for costumes and unfortunately, some of them distinctively fall into the cultural appropriation category.

Take the company Dolls Kill, which sells products such as a “Fringed Feather Headpiece” (formerly titled “Battle Feather Headdress,” because UGH) and a “Fringed Benefits Costume” that isn’t racist at all. (That’s sarcasm, btw.)

One Tumblr user decided to call them out on their blatant racism by writing them an email, titled “Your Store Is Racist.” The company’s response was just awful…

It is called “cultural appropriation.” Does that mean we can stop men of non-European descent from wearing suits and ties? How dare they appropriate our culture!