Child Abuse: Racist Ontario teacher’s union to conduct dangerous ‘white privilege’ workshop

By their very nature and label, these workshops are aimed at creating resentment of one race by all others.

What on earth is a union doing giving workshops on something that’s so alien to Canadian society?

The purpose is clearly to indoctrinate teachers into believing it exists.

The next step is for them to brainwash the children in their classrooms.

Do you really want that? Should white parents allow their children to be guilted by their teachers into believing they’re privileged because they’re white?

This has no place in our society.



Sigh… I’ve been posting on this issue for several years now, since uncovering that the TDSB promoted the idea that only “White People” can be racist. 

The only way this will stop is to have the teacher’s unions, the Ministry of Education and the school boards charged and or sued for child abuse.