British aid worker Alan Henning beheaded by ISIS brute ‘Jihadi John’… who threatens to kill US war veteran next

British aid worker Alan Henning has been beheaded by ISIS fighter Jihadi John in a video online video posted by the terror group.

Before he is killed, Mr Henning gives a short forced speech in which he blames his execution on Parliament’s decision to launch strikes against Islamic State in Iraq.

The clip, which is in English with Arabic subtitles, then shows Jihadi John stepping forward to cut Mr Henning’s throat before it cuts to black, then shows his body lying on the desert floor.

Video_from_Youtube_showinPic – American war veteran Peter Kassig is threatened with execution next

The video file, for those who wish, may be found at this link.

The Hanein jihad forum has info as well.



Note: I post this information to provide “Education by Murder”, a phrase coined by Daniel Pipes.

Incident by incident each Muslim atrocity educates the public thus creating the awareness necessary to force change on a complicit political class.

Make no mistake. What you will see is Islam by the book. Not extremist, not moderate but Islam as the lived Quran.

It is not pleasant, it brings me no personal satisfaction.

It is an ugly task that must be done.

We offer our condolences to the families of those involved.