Twitter-verse compares Israel, Islamic State

What do the Islamic State and the Jewish state have in common? A lot, apparently, according to Max Blumenthal a Jewish-American progressive activist who started the trending #JSIL hashtag on Twitter.

JSIL is an acronym for Jewish state in the Levant, a play on the ISIL acronym (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) commonly used to define the Islamic State.

Blumenthal and a colleague, Electronic Intifada contributor Rania Khalek, began promoting the #JSIL hashtag in a series of tweets made earlier this week, later expanding upon the comparisons between Israel and rogue jihadist group.

The pair also drew a comparison between the two in regards to their use of “foreign fighters.”

Israel is home to an estimated 1.7 million non-native born Jewish immigrants, many of whom serve in the IDF with native born Israelis.

The #JSIL and #JSILisISIL hashtags are currently being used on Twitter and a variety of other social media websites by wide range of individuals and groups eager to criticize the Jewish and highlight the perceived similarities between the two sworn enemies…