RCMP, Muslim groups at odds over anti-terror handbook

A veil of secrecy surrounds the RCMP’s decision to disavow themselves from an anti-radicalization handbook they spent 14 months helping to develop.

The handbook, United Against Terrorism: A Collaborative Effort Towards a Secure, Inclusive and Just Canada, was unveiled Monday, at the Winnipeg Central Mosque, at a media event promoted by the RCMP.

However, according to Shahina Siddiqui, president of the Islamic Social Services Association — which partnered with RCMP on the project — the RCMP phoned organizers just prior to the event to let them know they would not be attending.


The RCMP throws the so-called anti-terrorism booklet back at the National Council of Canadian Muslims and its Islamist allies

In spite of having tried to associate the RCMP to many radical Muslim scholars on page 13 of her booklet, including two, Siraj Wahaj and Hamza Yusuf, who have defended a cop-killer in the U.S., Shahina Siddiqui (wearing a white blouse) is still “a member of the RCMP Commissioner’s National Advisory Committee on Diversity as well as the RCMP Commanding Officers’ Diversity Committee, D-Division in Manitoba.”