Op-ed at liberal Hürriyet – The founding of an Islamic university in Turkey

It is very important that the Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) Head Mehmet Görmez said the following, after listing several Islamic educational institutions in the world: “Scholars from these places, instead of solving problems, are themselves becoming problems in many areas.”

In a very true diagnosis. Professor Görmez is saying that “the downfall has started” in the Islamic world.

Really, is there one example of a regime that has been formed and is acting in the name of Islam that is worthy of appreciation?

On the contrary, what are the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levants (ISIL), the Boko Harams, the al-Shabaabs, the Talibans and the al-Nusras? And why are they happening in the Islamic world in the 21st century?

Professor Görmez’s opinion is this: “Muslims’ biggest problems are not being able to establish the correct relations between religion and life; reason and revelation.”

Actually, this is the basic issue; the correct and wrong establishment of the relationship between the laws of life and reason with the aims of revelation and religion.

This is the summary of the experiences of 1,400 years of Islamic history: Setting the wrong or right relation between religion and life; reason and revelation.

The rampant Kharijites declared Caliph Ali an unbeliever and martyred him with the sword in the 7th century.  These Kharijites’ foreheads were marked because of too much prayer. What kind of a relation had these Kharijites formed between life and religion, between reason and revelation, that they murdered Caliph Ali?

Oh the similarity of the Kharijites to today’s ISILs, Talibans and Boko Harams!…