Ontario: Chatham Muslim whines and rants

Eid gathering at the Chatham-Kent Muslim Association

Eid gathering at the Chatham-Kent Muslim Association

A local Lebanese-Canadian says the conflict is about policy, not religion.

Hassan Elkhodr is the president of the Chatham-Kent Muslim Association, and says the United Nations holds a double-standard with the Middle East and United States.

“So far probably 300,000 have been killed in Syria, [and that’s] okay for the United Nations,” says Elkhodr. “But because one American got killed, there you go, all the planes are hitting.”

Elkhodr explains that tension began when borders and territories were divided by European countries after World War I, and only got worse after Israel was formed in 1948.

He adds that while the acts of ISIS are not warranted or justified, he never blames religion. “Christians, Muslims, and Jews are supposed to be calling for peace not war. But I guess [there are] those who are using religion as a horse to ride on so they can manipulate people”…

That was not a very good takiyya job, Mr Elkhodr. It all the fault of the evil West — where you choose to live. And of course, Israel.  But you increasingly have the numbers so why not rant?