Not Our Finest Hour: Canada vs. The Islamic State

“Officials with Bashar Assad’s criminal regime in Damascus say Assad is “pleased” with the airstrike campaign so far, while Syria’s beleaguered and bloodied revolutionary democrats are furious about it. Do we really want the Royal Canadian Air Force involved in a campaign of airstrikes if it’s going to play out like this?”

More… Harper ready to announce plans to send fighter jets to combat mission against ISIS: report

And now for Justin… Canada must be involved in Iraq, but not necessarily combat, Trudeau says

This is Islam’s Civil War. Let them fight it, fund it and let us forget about it. We have no business supporting the terrorist regimes of Saudi Arabia, Iran or Syria.

Military aid of any kind under current conditions is not warranted. The Christian, Yazidi populations are now beyond help save for refugee aid and the Kurds stand only a marginal hope at best without continuous support. Our alleged allies have long funded the very terrorists we are now supposed to fight on their behalf. We should have no interest in serving their needs.

Stay home Harper, the money you continue to waste in the middle east sinkhole is not yours to spend.