Calgary: Labour groups file complaint with feds over foreign workers being used in city parks

Two Calgary labour groups are upset with the City of Calgary hiring a contractor which uses foreign workers when local ones are available and now they are taking their strife to the federal government.

Back in July, APX Landscaping and Nurseries admitted to using the workers, which are paid less than city staff.

On Wednesday, the Canadian Union of Public Employees and the Calgary and District Labour Council filed a complaint with Service Canada and they want the City to change its ways.

CDLC President Alexander Shevalier said even though it’s the company hiring the workers and not the City itself, it still contradicts the purpose of the program.

“From my perspective, they’ve taken the work that was done by Canadians and they’ve replaced them with temporary foreign workers,” he said. “The intent of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program is simply if you can’t find Canadians to do work, then you can look elsewhere.”

“I find it offensive that the City has gone through a process where they’ve laid off Canadians and hired temporary foreign workers”…

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Tough. Let it not go on. It is a small price to pay to restrain the immigrant flood.