Another war in Muslims countries — what they should do in return

Yet again, Australians have been asked to go to war, this time at the request of Muslim nations struggling to contain the Islamic State terrorists

Given some of our supposed partners in this war were the people who helped create Islamic State, we should ask what they are going to do for us in return…

Let’s start with Saudi Arabia. This is a country that routinely carries out its own beheadings, for crimes ranging from murder to fornication, apostasy, homosexuality, and witchcraft…

The US is a staunch Saudi ally, but even the US State Department reports that the kingdom offers “… no legal recognition of, or protection under the law for, freedom of religion, and it is severely restricted in practice”.

Don’t forget that Saudi Arabia gave us Osama bin Laden. Then we have Iraq. Not notionally Muslim, it is overwhelmingly so. This is especially since, of the 1.2 million Christians living in the country in 2003, only 600,000 remained in 2007. They fled rampant persecution and murder…

If this is a war for civilisation we should expect more. If we are to do the dirty work for these countries then we should ask something in return.

At the very least, we should insist they protect the religious faiths of the people who are fighting to protect them. In practice, this should include guaranteeing freedom of religion, protecting the holy places of other faiths, and equal rights before the law…

Why is it that the West’s leaders fail to ask this in return for our support? I suspect it’s because they are afraid of the answer they will receive. This exposes the real tragedy of our times: that our political leaders too often lack the moral courage of the men and women whose duty it is to carry out their orders.

Good questions all. But the author assumes that the Islamic countries are prepared to act in good faith. Mistake: those Islamic countries’ policies are quite deliberate. Their object is to spread Islam all over the earth. ISIS is a complication.

So the thinking goes: let us ask the kuffar — who have the high tech weapons and know how — to get rid of this complication for us.

Then we resume our relentless determination to spread – but we will be more low key than ISIS. We are patient. The West are happily letting us migrate there in increasing numbers so let’s not kill a good thing with bad publicity groups like ISIS.

As for the Christians in the Middle East, we are more than happy to see ISIS get rid of them but we won’t come out and say that in case some kuffar get offended and won’t help us.  We know they are too stupid to attach conditions to their help, fortunately for us.