Pakistan: Teacher killed as Islamoloons target school because the girls were dressed ‘immodestly’ and school used ‘Good morning’ instead of ‘Assalam-o-Alaikum’

Illustrative photo of schoolgirls in Peshawar, Pakistan

Illustrative photo of schoolgirls in Peshawar, Pakistan

PESHAWAR: A teacher was killed and two children injured on Wednesday when a hand-grenade attack took place on a school in the Shabqadar area of Peshawar.

Sources said the school had received letters a month earlier which threatened the administration to direct students to wear shalwar kameez instead of pants and shirts.

According to police sources, unidentified miscreants threw a hand-grenade on Askari Public School and College in Shabaqadar area.

The explosion resulted in the death of school teacher Madam Honey and injured two children.

Sources said that miscreants fled the scene after launching the attack and a search operation was under way…

Earlier, the PTI [local] government had also decided in principle to remove ‘objectionable material’ from the textbooks of local primary schools to please the key partner of the ruling coalition, Jamaat-i-Islami*.

JI had objected to pictures of girls without dupatta [modest dress], Christmas cake, cross emblem, ‘good morning’ expression.

*Jamaat-i-Islami: Ideologically similar to the Muslim Brotherhood.  It is very active in Pakistan and Bangledesh.   For more information on JI’s list of objections for schools, see related report: The ‘halal’ curriculum