French jihadis linked to 2012 Toulouse gunman arrested after return from Syria

Mohamed Merah: 2012 Toulouse gunman

(Reuters) – Three Frenchmen, including the brother-in-law of a Toulouse-based al Qaeda-inspired gunman who killed seven people in 2012, were arrested on Monday at a Paris airport suspected of having joined Islamic militants in Syria, a French official said.

Around 150 militants who fought with rebel groups in Syria and Iraq have returned to France, requiring “massive” resources for surveillance and other security measures to prevent attacks.

Thousands of Western volunteers have traveled to Syria and Iraq to join Islamist fighters, notably Islamic State. The exodus has raised fears in Europe of attacks on their return, particularly after France launched air strikes on Islamic State targets in Iraq last week.

The three men including the husband of Souad Merah, whose brother Mohamed killed seven people including three Jewish children in March 2012, were arrested at Orly airport in Paris.

The 2012 attack was the worst France has suffered since 1995, when the Algerian Armed Islamic Group bombed a Paris metro station, killing eight people and wounding dozens.

“The three men had been arrested by Turkish authorities at the end of August and had been in Syria since February/March 2013,” the source close to the case told Reuters…

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“Massive resources” required to track these fine enrichers of France? What will France do in a generation or two when the Muslim fraction of the population will be much larger?

The warning is clear: Muslims should not be living in the West.  We are committing cultural suicide.