The Only Analysis You Need of the Thirteen Years Since 9/11

“…So take Iraq. The goal there was not to eliminate whatever threat Saddam Hussein posed… It was to rebuild Iraq so that the Iraqis would be lifted out of poverty and would get elections and so-called freedom. That was to serve the Iraqis. That did not serve American interests. Our interests are served by eliminating those who want to kill us.

… People don’t realize that the rules under which the [American] soldiers operate are so restrictive that sometimes they cannot defend themselves, let along eliminate the threat. And so, we put our soldiers in harm’s way. We tie their hands. And then we’re surprised that there’s an insurgency that grows fiercer and more bold, and that Iraq is a mess. Well, you have to look at the ideas that shape the policy.”

Canada should not be involved in Islam’s civil war. Certainly we can work to encourage continued mayhem by keeping both sides well armed and able to prolong hostilities, but we should never presume we are able to impose western values on more or less intact Islamic cultures. The only reason we should ever have boots on the ground is when we are willing to win a war the good old fashioned way and say to hell with “rules of engagement”.