Palestinian Islamic Jihad Begins Digging New Tunnels in Gaza: Report

Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists claim they are digging attack tunnels from Gaza to use against Israel in future battles, according to a report published by the Qatari Al-Jazeera television network on September 4th.

IDF ground and air forces destroyed 32 tunnels during the course of 50 days of fighting in Operation Protective Edge, meant to foil such excavations beneath Israeli territory, as well as stop incessant rocket fire. Many of the tunnels ended in and adjacent to Israeli civilian communities alongside the coastal enclave.

“We are in a tunnel that is being dug by resistance fighters in this border area,” the reporter says as he makes his way down the cramped concrete-walled passage. ”What is remarkable about this tunnel is that it has been dug recently,” he notes. “As you can see, it is still being dug.”

“We are now inside one of the tunnels of the al-Quds Brigades,” a masked, uniformed Palestinian digger tells the reporter, “on which work began the minute the war on Gaza ended and the cease-fire was declared.”

The tunnelers take the reporter to a opening in another tunnel, where uniformed men demonstrate setting up and deploying a portable Kornet anti-tank missile.

In another scene they demonstrate quickly deploying shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles.