Raving loon: ‘We seek a future of war with Islam, while wearing a cloak of virtue’

Flying Terminator: the Voice of America

Yet again the merchants of fear have set America buzzing about small numbers of people far away, people angry that we not only support their corrupt autocratic rulers but attack them (with little concern for collateral casualties). There are no angels in these wars, and many demons.

The American response to ISIS will probably be the same as we gave Saddam and the Taliban: the trinity of US Tactics. Massive firepower on civilians. Search and destroy sweeps. Popular front armies. But after 13 years and two failed wars some in the military, some voices suggest that we should have a strategy — not just tactics. Jeremy Kotkin (Major, US Army) proposed one, described in yesterday’s post — The solution to jihad: kill and contain our foes. Give war another chance!

We discussed this article in the comments with Lt. Colonel Kotkin, who generously shared his thoughts. They deserve attention, especially as America lurches into new wars in the Middle East, in Africa, and probably other places still secret…

* * *
The article continues as a dialogue with Lt. Colonel Kotkin, who defends the case for taking on ISIS. 

Still, this starting part was so crazy I thought I would post it–yes, there are people like this, who despite all the news has brought us, are still peaceniks.

The illustration and caption were in the linked article.