Islamic Network claims “witchhunt”; continues to promote extremist preachers

The Islamic Network, whose website Stand for Peace recently exposed as a repository for anti-gay and anti-Semitic hate speech, is now complaining that it is the latest victim of “witch hunts against Muslims.”

Following an investigation of Stand for Peace’s revelations by BBC News, the NHS suspended the Islamic Network’s chairman, Shahid Sardar, from his job as Head of Public Engagement at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Essex.

A spokesman for the charity, however, has since told Third Sector that the offensive material on its website – which included calls for homosexuals to be “destroyed by fire,” and claims that “the Jews scheme and crave after possessing Muslim lands” – was over ten years old and “clearly do[es] not represent our views.”

“The IN emphatically refutes any allegation that it promotes or advocates hate of any community or individuals,” the spokesman said…