I’m living the high life, boasts released child abuser who was jailed for part in Rotherham grooming gang as he jets off on holiday to Pakistan

His victim Lizzie, who was only 12 when she was groomed by Umar Razaq, has been left distraught by the posts, saying he ‘taunted’ her on the social networking site after being released from jail.

Posting a selfie in sunglasses on Facebook, Razaq boasted: ‘Can’t wait… Roll on to the lifetime holiday’.

‘Three days and I’m outta this country for a very long time. Feeling happy,’ he added.

The sickening Facebook posts come in the wake of a damning report that revealed at least 1,400 girls were subjected to sexual abuse and grooming at the hands of Asian gangs in Rotherham for 16 years…

h/t Marvin