Escape from Libya

Black plumes of smoke July 26, 2014 after clashes among militants, former rebel fighters and government forces in Benghazi. Credit Esam Omran Al-Fetori/Reuters

One family’s struggle to escape Tripoli and return to Pakistan.

KARACHI: I recently travelled to Tripoli, Libya, for my summer vacations. My father had been working and living there for quite some time and according to him, the crisis in the country had been highly exaggerated. Things in the capital seemed calm enough, but it was an uneasy calm. At the other end of the country, things in Benghazi were getting worse with each day.

In Tripoli, we stayed in our home most of the time as we were foreigners and we had heard that it wasn’t safe to roam around. However, we still managed to visit the beach twice before the parliamentary elections and were entranced by the beauty and clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

In June, as the elections neared, my father thought it would be wise to leave the country and so, we started applying for visas. It wasn’t easy. Neighbouring Tunisia required at least a month to process applications. After all US citizens and UN officials had been evacuated from the country, many embassies pulled out their officials…

* * *
Meanwhile, things are looking dodgy in Pakistan too.  CNN reports: Pakistani PM refuses to resign, police fire tear gas at protesters

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