Worldwide Islam: Suriname president’s son pleads guilty to ‘Hezbollah plot’

The son of the president of Suriname pleaded guilty on Friday to US charges he sought to offer a home base in his South American country to the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.

Dino Bouterse, once picked by his father to lead a counterterrorism unit in Suriname, told a judge in federal court in Manhattan that as part of the scheme he provided a false Surinamese passport to a person he believed was a Hezbollah operative. He also pleaded guilty to drug trafficking and firearms charges.

The guilty plea came a year after Bouterse’s arrest in Panama on charges he conspired to smuggle cocaine into the United States.

President Dési Bouterse and son Dino, head of the country’s anti-terrorist unit (Pic Reuter)

He had already been extradited to the United States and jailed when authorities added terrorism charges accusing him of agreeing to accept a multimillion-dollar payoff in exchange for allowing large numbers of Hezbollah fighters to use Suriname as a base for attacking American targets…

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Although many Lebanese migrated to South America in earlier days, Wikipedia gives father, Dési Bouterse, a very mixed ethnic background:

Bouterse was born in Domburg, located in Wanica District, to parents of multiracial ancestry: his paternal grandmother was Amerindian and his grandfather was Dutch Creole. Bouterse’s mother was of Creole and Chinese descent.

It lists his religion as “Pentecostal.” Both father and son seem to a long history of drug trafficking.