Shouldn’t fighting for ISIS disqualify you as a US Citizen?

Fox News is reporting that a second American citizen has been killed while fighting for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group in Syria. That same report goes on to note that federal investigators estimate roughly one hundred American citizens have gone to Syria to fight for various jihadist organizations. Other sources have indicated that the number of US citizens joining up with ISIS is as high as three hundred.

Homeland security officials are rightly concerned about this development. American citizens fighting for ISIS and other groups can potentially return to the United States and apply their battlefield-acquired skills to carry out attacks against American targets – a list of which was just published in Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s (AQAP) publication, Al Malahem.

One way to inhibit such operatives from coming back to the United States to carry out such plans is to revoke their US citizenship, a move that would invalidate their US passports and make it that much harder to set foot on American soil…

* * *
But that might leave the former US citizen “stateless” (unless he or she held dual citizenship). And we all know that no Western country would have laws that permit a citizen to be made stateless.

It would violate their “human rights,” which these days seem to benefit only criminals and rabid Muslims.

h/t Marvin