‘Raping in Rotherham’ – apparently it’s all our fault

The BBC is finally admitting that the men committing mass rape in Rotherham were mostly of Pakistani origin. But the BBC has a new tune to play to absolve Rotherham’s M*sl*ms from any guilt – it’s apparently all the fault of the rest of us that “white trash” were being beaten, threatened, gang-raped and sold on for sex in other towns in the multi-culturally-enriched Midlands.

This morning the BBC interviewed some Rotherham M*sl*m leaders – from Rotherham M*sl*m Youth and the M*sl*m Women’s Network amongst others. And the politically-correct interviewers nodded in agreement as the supposedly “British” M*sl*ms explained that the whole thing was the fault of “social services, the police and the authorities”. Moreover, they said there was “a lot of anger” in Rotherham’s M*sl*m community against “the authorities”…

h/t Marvin