Killer Jermaine Rutherford claims he’s gay to halt deportation to Jamaica

Allowed to stay: Killer Jermaine Rutherford, 29, has avoided deportation to Jamaica by saying he would be in danger in the “homophobic” country

A second Jamaican has escaped deportation at the last minute by claiming he is homosexual – despite being convicted of murdering a schoolboy.

Jermaine Rutherford, 29, stabbed the 15-year-old to death over a £10 debt while in England on a temporary visa.

He was due to be sent back to the Caribbean upon completing his prison sentence. But while awaiting deportation – ten years after a judge said he should be kicked out – Rutherford belatedly declared he was gay, and would be in danger in “homophobic” Jamaica. The Home Secretary said his claim should be rejected “on credibility grounds” – but the Court of Appeal ruled that he could stay in London.

The Mail told yesterday how another Jamaican thug, Alvin Brissett, avoided deportation at the eleventh hour when he claimed to be a homosexual while sat in handcuffs at Gatwick airport. The father of two has won the right to remain here due to his human right to a “family life” – despite a string of convictions for drugs possession, assault and robbery.

The success of Rutherford is even more shocking, given his conviction was for murder. The full details of his case can only be revealed after the Daily Mail challenged a judge’s anonymity order…

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Who are the stupid judges who are handing out these rulings?