Two-year-old boy lost in Aleppo after jihadist father took him from Italian home

Investigators believe Mr Mesinovic had been converted to radical Islam by recruiters now operating in northern Italy Photo: Facebook

An Italy-based Muslim who took his two-year-old son with him to fight in Syria has been killed near Aleppo, leaving his family desperate for news about the child.

Ismar Mesinovic, 38, a Bosnian painter and decorator living in Longarone in north-east Italy, told his Cuban wife he was going to Germany last December, but instead left for Syria.

“He told me he was going to see his mother in Germany to paint the walls of her house before going to Bosnia,” said Lidia Herrera Solano, 34. “He had never talked of a holy war or terrorism. He was not a fanatic.”

Photographs of Mr Mesinovic’s corpse, published on a jihadi website, suggest he was killed by forces loyal to President Assad in Aleppo just days after he left Italy. Italian investigators are now seeking to trace his son, Ismair…