The Economist uses ‘Fagin the Jew’ to illustrate article on criminal behavior

Screen shot of web version of Economist article–about a study in Sweden!

I’m usually the one around the Old Jews poker table who counsels my oversensitive friends not to over-react to perceived slights. As a former English prof, I abhor PC censorship of literature (banning Twain for his use of the ”N-word” is but one example.) I’m a fan of brilliant writers who are also dyed-in-the-wool anti-Semites, such as Pound, Celine, TS Eliot and, yes, Dickens. Further, paying attention to intentional hatred or sniveling bigotry just stirs the toilet and makes it smell worse.

But The Economist just published a story entitled “To Have and Have Not: A disturbing study of the link between income and criminal behaviour” that pushed me over the edge. Atop the piece is very large picture of Fagin the Jew from a movie version of Dicken’s Oliver Twist.

Type “Fagin the Jew” into Google (Images or Web) and you will see how viral and anti-Semitic this character portrait is historically…

* * *
Yep, Sweden’s jails are full of Jews–I don’t think so!  In fact, we know damn well who is over-represented, but they are group that is now “protected” so let us fall back on a illustration using Jews.