Buy this book and help keep our friend Dag out of a Peruvian prison!

Jockk Brand vs. the Toe Master and the Suicide Kings of Iquitos, Peru

“An action-adventure tale set in the exotic Amazon, agent Jockk Brand must save the world from a plot by the mysterious Toé Master and his gang of drug-crazed killers. Our hero is stranded, penniless, and driven mad by jungle drugs. Somehow he must not only save the world, he must also find a cheeseburger. Thrills and spills, the city of Iquitos, Peru comes to life while the hero, with the help of a beautiful blond tries to save the world. Strange, funny, and terrifying, this is the first novel by writer D.W. Walker.”

But this book and keep Dag out of a Peruvian prison! I’m not kidding.