What? It’s Thursday already? Moderate Muslims Blow Up Moderate Muslim Teacher In Thailand

BANGKOK — Thailand’s south awoke to fresh violence Thursday morning, as the military government continues to plan peace talks with insurgents, which have been suspended for nine months.

Police lieutenant Pramote Chuichuey told the Anadolu Agency that a bomb exploded as a group of officers escorted teachers to a school in the Kokpo district of Pattani, killing a 28-year-old female and injuring another and a policeman.

“The bomb, contained in a gas tank, was buried on the side of the road,” he said, adding that insurgents had detonated it remotely as the motorbike convoy passed.

Teachers are the frequent targets of insurgents in the south – whose population is majority ethnic Malay Muslim – as they are considered symbols of the Thai central State, against whom insurgents are fighting.