Poll: 1 in 6 in France support Islamic State

A poll conducted last month in Germany, the United Kingdom and France uncovered sobering news that suggests the Islamic State may be more popular in Western Europe than originally believed.

The survey, conducted by ICM Research on behalf of Russian state news agency Rossiya Segodnya, reported that 2 percent of Germans, along with 7% of British and 16% of French respondents, claimed to have “very favorable” or “somewhat favorable” views of the rogue Islamic caliphate.

European governments may find the growing popularity alarming, as unprecedented number of their citizens have left the continent to join extremist groups in Iraq and Syria. This phenomenon was further evidenced last week after a video of a British-sounding Islamic State terrorist brutally executing American journalist James Foley was publicly released.

Security experts have voiced concern that homegrown jihadists may return home more radicalized and eager to carry out terrorist attacks on their own soil…