Canada: Muslims upset after N.S. MLA mistakenly tells them meat served at BBQ is halal

A group of Muslims in the Halifax area are upset after finding out hot dogs served at a community barbecue weren’t halal, even though the MLA for the area said they were.

Patricia Arab, Liberal MLA for Fairview-Clayton Park, declined to be interviewed about the matter, but provided a written statement apologizing for the mix-up.

“My intentions – and those of the organizers – were based solely on good faith and respect for Muslim values and beliefs. I in no way meant to offend anyone or diminish the sanctity of halal,” said Arab.

“I have reached out to members of the Muslim community to apologize for my role in the misunderstanding.”

Imam Ibrahim Alshanti of United Muslims of Halifax says he has received several complaints from members of his community about Arab’s actions at the weekend barbecue in Fairview.

“They said the MLA, she made a prayer over the hot dog and she said, ‘it’s halal now,’” says Alshanti. “For me, it is a big deal. I’m sure it’s not her intention to make fun of it, but it looks like that.”

Under Islamic law, a prayer must be said as the animal is slaughtered in order for meat to be considered halal.

“You have to slaughter it by hand and leave their blood to drain out,” explains Alshanti.

The procedure must also be done by a Muslim. Arab is a Maronite Catholic.

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They are going to hell for sure now!

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