Why Celebrity Apartheid Week Matters

Does one need a spoiled, ill-informed celebrity’s opinion on the oilsands?

The next Leonardo DiCaprio film coming to a screen near you may not be a grand Hollywood epic or independent film, but a documentary about the Alberta oilsands and the environmental future of the nearby First Nations communities.

DiCaprio was reportedly researching such a film during a visit to northern Alberta over the weekend, lending his celebrity status to the ongoing war over Alberta’s oilsands development.

For better or worse, it seems to have become de rigueur for Hollywood stars to target Alberta’s tar sands in their environmental tilts, bringing with them the attention their names afford, but also any energy-burning skeletons they may have hidden in their closest. …

Tim Moen, leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada and a vocal opponent of Hollywood’s role in demonizing Alberta’s oilsands, says celebrity talk is cheap.

“I look at actions more than words. In what way is DiCaprio living the values he espouses?” Moen wrote in an email to Yahoo Canada News. “The people I take seriously are people who actually create solutions. People that find ways to get cheap clean energy into the hands of people who want it.”
According to reports, DiCaprio was joined on his Alberta tour by “Black Swan” director Darren Aronofsky, who may be working on a documentary with DiCaprio.

But DiCaprio already has his name, and voice, pegged to the anti-oilsands battle. A documentary series recently released by Green World Rising is narrated by the ‘Titanic’ star. The first episode, titled “Carbon,” touts the need for a carbon tax in America.

Will Leo being paying this class warfare tax?