Saudi Arabia fed up with visa over-stayers, not to mention ISIS terrorists: Hajj Ministry proposes law to limit Umrah visas to 15 days

The minister and directors of Umrah companies met to discuss all the services to be extended to the pilgrims to make their hajj comfortable. (Shutterstock)

Umrah pilgrims will only be able to stay in the Kingdom for a maximum 15 days, according to new rules proposed by the Hajj Ministry.

Under these new rules, the service-providing companies were advised against bringing in large batches of Umrah pilgrims at any one time, especially during Ramadan.

The ministry also asked them to inform it of any change in accommodation arrangements for their pilgrims…

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I am no fan of the Saudis but I can certainly see their motives: get those pilgrims in and out as quickly as possible, please!  Less time for terror plots, which just might be on this year’s agenda for ISIS.

Pilgrim season begins in December this year.