New anti-Semitism is bad enough, but it’s no Holocaust, says scholar

Stop the Holocaust in Gaza: A pro-Palestinian protester at a Berlin rally Friday, July 18, 2014. (Micki Weinberg/The Times of Israel)

Although historian Deborah Lipstadt has spent much of her career in high-profile cases combating Holocaust deniers, of late the Emory University professor is working to convince the world that Jews are not on the brink of a second Shoah.

To clarify: surging anti-Semitism in Europe is indeed serious, with violent physical attacks as well as hate speech, anti-Jewish bias and graffiti, Lipstadt believes. But it’s not a new Holocaust.

“Each event made me think something strange is happening here and we should take notice,” she said in a phone interview from Atlanta. “But it’s a whole different world.”

“We have condemnation by leaders of countries, prosecution by police, we have history, we know what happened — we have the State of Israel,” she said…