Black Police Cheif Says “No Hate Crime Here” – But for Some Reason I Don’t Believe Him

Chief Tim Brinkley: “Segregation now, segregation forever!” 

“This was not a hate crime, this was just an argument that got out of hand”

Let’s see if I got this right.
Two guys, one of whom is an active duty serviceman and the other a Marine, not on active service, go out for a late dinner at about 1:00 AM.
On their way into the restaurant, but while still out in the parking lot, they are stopped and told that the restraint was “not safe for whites”.
For whatever reason, they did not take the warning seriously and were immediately chased out of the restaurant by the crowd of all-black patrons and employees.
With me so far?

The men call the cops, and the police arrive (of which the police chief Tim Brinkley describes simply as an assault), and our two late night diners leave to go to another restaurant nearby that does serve white people.
Try that in your home town.
Start kicking non-whites out of your eating establishments and tell me with whom the police side. That makes me think that West Point Mississippi also has an all black police department, or that the responding officers that night just happened to be all black.

Somehow, a crowd of about 20 blacks are able to follow our two gentlemen diners to ANOTHER nearby restaurant, start a ruckus inside, and everyone is asked to leave (second-grade teacher logic in play here).

On their way out of the second restaurant, our two beleaguered diners are set upon by this mob of twenty or so black thugs intending on continuing their discussion on race and maybe getting some payback for what happened to that “Gentle Giant” out in Ferguson, Missouri, which happens to be 430 miles away or 6 1/2 hours away by car. Obviously they wanted to demonstrate some racial solidarity with some thugs in a town nobody had heard of two weeks earlier.
Now here is the funny part, nobody bothered to call the police at the second restaurant for almost an hour! Yep, they just let the two men bleed-out in the parking lot!
Click here for more racial justice!

Fast forward to this morning, and one of our late night diners is now in a medically induced coma, while his friend has been “treated and released”. Somehow our now-comatose but not a racial hate crime victim, did not use his legal and permitted concealed carry weapon on this crowd of feral animals.
Maybe he didn’t have a chance, maybe he just could not bring himself to kill, I don’t know.
Can you imagine the racial ruckus that Eric Holder and all of the race pimps would have stirred up had he defended himself, as he is lawfully entitled to do?

Anyway, AP went ahead and scrubbed their later version (but the linked NOLA story still has the old version – for now) of this story which removed the part about the black assailants and the “racial slurs being yelled from the crowd”[of black onlookers].
NOLO was also kind enough to also link to a hastily-put-together editorial saying that this story “smells fishy”. The author is a well known hysterical hater of whites and a huge supporter of the soon to be imprisoned New Orleans’ former Mayor, Ray Nagin.

Please say a prayer for Ralph Weems IV, a decorated combat veteran and the latest victim of unchecked and unpunished black racism that is being ignored or excused by the popular news media, as in this sterilized version, if you can fight the nausea dishonest journalism usually induces.
The CCC has more details, just incase you are not mad enough already.