And we’re back…

Pip wasn’t too upset, aside from the hairball on our bed I mean.

We learned a bit about Manhattan.

Cabs are very difficult to get between 8 and 10 am – people use them to get to work.

Manhattan cabs are cheaper and cleaner than Toronto cabs.

Every cab driver we met has a cousin driving cab in Toronto.

Manhattan is a joy to walk, lots to discover down unassuming side streets.

Food is everywhere. Every second door seems to be a restaurant.

I will not wait 2 hours for a Pizza – Take that Grimaldi’s (in Brooklyn)

The author of the Diary of Anne Frank was a member of the Algonquin Round Table. We actually heard that from a tour guide.  He also relayed his tale of woe,  despite 15 thousand in scholarship money received on account of his “great marks in high school” Columbia was still damn expensive at 50K a year.

Someone has freed up some money from somewhere. Virtually every historic site it seems is undergoing refurbishment/repair of some kind all sponsored by the same city agency. I love the architecture, especially the Cathedrals to commerce like the Woolworth’s building.

Manhattan does parks well. Of course they would. We had a lovely city park, Madison Square, just down the street from our hotel. New Yorker’s use their parks. And Madison is run by a conservancy, I can hear the howls if such a suggestion were made in Toronto. It was a delight to stroll down and sit among the natives while enjoying a shake or that yummy frozen custard.

Midtown, was a good spot for us, much of what we wished to see was within walking distance. And if it wasn’t I never felt the fear I have in Toronto of taking a cab and wondering if I’ll have to take out a second mortgage.

It’s true, Manhattan pedestrians may be among, if not the most fearless in the world. Traffic flowed much better than I assumed, we ran into one instance of gridlock near rush hour but otherwise it ain’t bad at all.

K will happily walk many miles to shop in a Lily Pulitzer store.  She will be happy all day.

We will be back.