Terrorism and Islam are not linked, says Tanzanian Muslim cleric

Dar es Salaam Region Chief Sheikh, Alhad Musa Salum.

Islam should not be linked to the terror attacks that have been gaining momentum in Tanzania and in other areas in the world, the Dar es Salaam Region Chief Sheikh, Alhad Musa Salum, said in the city on Tuesday.

He pointed out that a Muslim found to have participated in any terror operation should be judged individually instead of connecting the act with his faith.

Speaking at the Idd el-Fitr prayers held on Tuesday at national level at the Mnazi Mmoja Grounds in Dar es Salaam, Sheikh Salum noted that Islam is a religion of peace, and preaching peace has been a top item on its agenda.

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He observed that recent bomb attacks that rocked several parts of the country must be condemned in the strongest terms possible.

“There is a thick line between Islam and terrorism; they are not the same. Being a Muslim does not mean you are a terrorist, this is a thing that we must all understand,” he stressed.

Mr Salum observed that the religion has been preaching love, unity and respects to all people regardless of their religious affiliations.

“It is a misguided mentality… linking Islam and these bomb attacks or any other kind of terror activity. Doing so is not correct. We hate terrorism and we are in the forefront in opposing it, we will always do this,” he vowed…