Iran furious over US Commission on International Religious Freedom’s 2013 annual report

You can read the report here. The above illustration is a screenshot of tags — “countries of particular concern.”

PressTV – US major violator of religious rights: Iran

The US is as a major violator of religious rights in the world and is in no position to judge other countries on freedom of religion, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman says.

“The growing trend of Islamophobia in the US, systematic discrimination against Muslims and restricting freedom of religious minorities in the American community have turned the country into one of the major violators of religious rights,” Marzieh Afkham said on Wednesday.

She also lashed out at the US support for Israel’s atrocities against the Palestinians, adding that Washington is in no position to pass judgment about other countries on religious freedom.

“The US’ all-out support for the Zionist regime’s acts and [its] unbelievable restrictions on the followers of other Abrahamic religions residing in the occupied Palestinian territories, especially [Washington’s] all-out backing for the acts of aggression and crimes of the occupying regime in Gaza have not left any credit for the US government to judge and advise others on religious rights and freedoms,” she said.

Touching on the US Department of State’s recent annual global report on religious freedom, which listed the Islamic Republic as one of the “countries of particular concern,” Afkham said such documents are only “instruments” intended to pile up pressure on other states.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran’s constitution clearly respects all the divine religions and considers them free to observe their rituals and ceremonies,” the Iranian foreign ministry spokeswoman pointed out.