Germany’s crusade to hush hate speech

A photo from a recent demonstration in Stuttgart. See more photos and a video from this event at Politically Incorrect

German government officials have vowed to clamp down on public anti-Semitic language, responding to recent demonstrations and speeches in which protesters called for death to Jews.

“If anyone uses demonstrations to spread anti-Semitic slogans he will have to bear the consequences of this abuse,” said Frank Henkel, the representative of the Berlin government in charge of the Berlin police, “The police will act against all anti-Semitic utterances.”
The Berlin police have been criticized for not acting more effectively against such demonstrators. Sheikh Abu Bilal Ismail, speaking at the Al Nur mosque in Berlin, called upon Allah to “destroy the Zionist Jews,” according to a translation of his speech by the pro-Israel group MEMRI. “Count them and kill them to the very last one,” said the sheikh. “Don’t spare a single one of them. . . . Make them suffer terribly.”

The mosque is a Salafist stronghold known for its militant brand of Islam and active in converting Germans…