As Jews unite, is US youth moving to anti-Semitism ‘at light speed’?

Israeli supporters rally in Times Square on July 20, 2014 in New York City (photo credit: AFP/Yana Paskova/Getty Images)

As Operation Protective Edge continues into its fourth week, US Jewish leaders describe in excited terms an almost unprecedented atmosphere of unity among American Jews

Citing the widespread pro-Israel rallies held throughout the country, these leaders say the support of US Jews for Israel is nearly unanimous, regardless of political or religious views.
However, there is another narrative being voiced as well.

Jon Stewart: Gaza on the map (YouTube screenshot)

A recent Pew poll highlights an age group that is less than “supportive.” Instead of standing with Israel, the poll finds that a third of all young Americans aged 18-29 (Jews and non) in fact blame Israel for the Gaza conflict.

Reader Steven Colodny from the University of Texas at San Antonio argues the poll’s findings are the result of a mix of historical ignorance, trendy Twitter campaigns and a US media with an anti-Israel bias.

“Trendy twitter campaigns guide them and they get their news from The Daily Show, Colbert Report if watching the news at all,” he writes.
Colodny bemoans the age group’s lack of historical background behind the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and belittles the scant understanding it has acquired as coming from a few movies on World War II…

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There is a reason that BDS campaigners target university campuses.