UK: Visa rules mean UK is ‘unwelcoming’ for foreign students

Universities say that new immigration measures will be an “enormous burden” at a time when international students are “crucial for the UK economy”

Stricter rules on student visas give the impression that the UK “does not welcome international students”, say higher education experts.

Yesterday it was announced that, from November, educational institutions would lose their status as a highly trusted sponsor if 10 per cent of students recruited by the university or college are refused visas. The current threshold stands at 20 per cent.

Writing in the Telegraph, David Cameron said that “the most egregious examples” of abuse of the immigration system were those “enrolling at bogus colleges”. He added that the new measures would ensure “colleges do proper checks on students”.

Nick Hillman, director of the Higher Education Policy Institute, said: “Sadly, I think it is yet more evidence that the Home Office is more interested in headlines than working co-operatively with the university sector to resolve any genuine problems that exist.

“It is bound to encourage the idea that the UK does not welcome international students yet further…

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Throughout the West, universities have become addicted to foreign students. Canada is no exception. They are as bad as fast food restaurants addicted to TFWs.

Is the problem irreversible?  Maybe…like the TFWs the foreign students allow the universities to get used their tuition fees in their budget and if it suddenly stops they are bound to be problems.

It is a sad commentary on the West that we have allowed this situation to come about in the first place. But we have and I cannot see a way out.

The people who derive benefits from the current torrent of foreigners are too many and have too much influence.

Read about how France brought in cheap labour from North Africa after WW II.    At the time, the people hiring the new cheap labour were delighted and would screamed if it was cut off.

Yet look at what the long term has brought them.