Quebec Muslims want to ban the JDL

The Muslims want to ban the JDL? Hahahahaha!

NB – Google translate from an article behind the Le Devoir paywall.

Jewish Defence League of Canada – Citizens and Montreal police alert

The eventual establishment of the Jewish Defence League of Canada continues to cause reaction. The Police Department of the City of Montreal (SPVM) said they were aware of the situation, while the Quebec Collective against Islamophobia (ICQC) launched a petition to ban the Jewish ultranationalist group.

Monday, Meir Weinstein, director of the Jewish Defense League (JDL) Canadian Devoir revealed that it would be in Montreal Sunday to set up a new section of his group. Spokesman SPVM Ian Lafreniere says that the police monitoring the situation, given the current context. “We follow it very closely, given everything that’s going on, but our role is limited to that yet,” he said. “It is common, but how we do follow, it is the details that will keep,” he said in a telephone interview.

For its part, the ICQC asked Lise Thériault, Minister of Public Safety, “to explore all legal avenues to prohibit the establishment in Québec of the Jewish Defence League,” the group said. An online petition was launched, and on Tuesday night she had collected more than 160 signatures. Thériault has not commented.

“It is their right to do that,” says Weinstein whos states his controversial ultranationalist group has always respected the laws of Canada.

Weinstein believes that there should be about 100 people, if not more, who will be attending the meeting on Sunday. Participants must have previously been invited. The site is currently kept secret because Mr. Weinstein does not want the meeting to be disrupted. The names of the Canadian JDL in Quebec may be made ​​public, says Weinstein.

Community Activities

In Toronto, the JDL organizes courses krav maga, a self-defense system taught in the Israeli army. JDL also holds conferences to “educate” the community and explain “threats” that Jews face. Canadian JDL also helps Jewish community groups who want to improve their safety, in collaboration with the police.

JDL is not a centralized group, but rather a movement inspired by the thought of the extreme right Rabbi Meir Kahane. In France, the JDL has dissolved it a few years ago, according to Le Monde. But his supporters are still active. A Muslim community group accused members of the movement have been involved in fights on the sidelines of a pro-Palestinian demonstration has recently escalated. Protesters attacked a synagogue, and the JDL activists present there would have rambling with them.

American JDL has been described as “terrorist” organization, “violent” and “extremist” by the FBI in 2001 after two of its members had conspired to carry out an attack against a mosque.