Muslim parallel universe extends beyond life: Imam cancels funeral and reprimands widow over ‘interfaith’ burial plan

The “interfaith” section of a graveyard

My father-in-law, Abdullah Khadim Husain…suddenly died of heart failure a couple of months ago while visiting one of his children in Virginia. Although he did have a history of heart disease, he was apparently in good health, which is why his demise came as a total shock.

Since most of his children now reside in the US, it was decided to bury him at the National Memorial Park in Falls Church, Virginia instead of taking the body back to Pakistan…

The question, however, came up as to what section of the cemetery should be used as his grave site as there were designated sections for Muslims, Christians, Buddhists etcetera and an “inter-faith” section where deceased of all faiths are buried. My mother-in-law chose the inter-faith section.
A cleric from a local mosque was contracted to officiate the burial service and time was set for the burial… Minutes before the scheduled burial was about to commence, the designated cleric raised objection to the burial site and refused to conduct the service. A Muslim was being buried in a “non-Muslim” grave site and according to him:

Islamic Shariah dictated that Muslims cannot be buried with non-Muslims. If, for some reason, a Muslim was buried in a non-Muslim area, the body would have to be later exhumed and reburied in a Muslim burial ground.

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