Male rowers get naked to fight homophobia while Facebook censors female rowers

Photo from the men’s calendar

As they have every year since 2009, the rowing team at England’s Warwick University has gotten naked to raise money for an anti-homophobia charity.

The rowers have stripped down to produce an annual nude calendar, the proceeds of which will benefit Sport Allies, an organization that aims to combat homophobia and transphobia through the power of sports.

In its five years of existence, the project has proven to be a valuable fundraiser, selling over 15,000 copies in its last edition.

A large part of this success is due to the crew team’s enviable physiques, but just as important is the calendar’s tasteful adherence to the Austin Powers rule of nudity: All the rowers, even the coxswains, are just barely covered up in the crucial areas.

But while the men’s calendar regularly goes viral every summer, their female counterparts were caught in a censorship battle during the middle of production for their 2015 calendar…