A spoof guide to Hamas tunnels

A spoof map that uses a London Underground-style diagram to depict the web of tunnels leading from Gaza into Israel was recently posted on online image hosting service Imgur.

The Israeli Defense Forces is currently engaged in a campaign to eradicate these attack tunnels, as well as to stem rocket fire from Gaza against Israel’s south and center.

The tunnel network is thought to have been built over years through the Gaza Strip and under the border into Israel. At least five times in the past two weeks, Hamas fighters have used the tunnels to execute deadly infiltrations into Israeli territory, most recently on Monday evening, when five soldiers were killed at an army position near Kibbutz Nahal Oz.

Imgur, pronounced “imager,” describes itself as the home of “the most viral images on the internet, sorted by popularity.” Users post their images and then can watch as views build up.

The Gaza Underground Map, posted on Sunday, had racked up a modest 2,500 views as of Tuesday, and didn’t list any information about its creator…