#DiversityIsOurStrength in Denmark: ‘F**king Jews’ (F**king Jøder)

YouTube description: Young Muslims trying to access and attack a peaceful Pro-Israel demonstration in the center of Copenhagen held by Jews, Zionists and a Iranian dissident and refugee group.

When met by riot police, they shouted “F**king Jews,” “F**king Police, man” and “F**k you” to the photographer. In a nearby street I heard this same group chant “Death to the Jews.”

It is a short vid, but shows not just Jew-hatred (by now, barely a story) but also their extremely cocky and rude attitude towards the police.

These are dreadful examples of immigrants (or their children)–Europe could scarcely have chosen worse if it went looking for them on purpose.

See further coverage on Denmark from Daniel Greenfield who describes how a pro-Israel rally was shut down.

h/t Nicolai Sennels